HORRORHOUSE FEST 2019 is coming earlier this year! The Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown is giving us a room and we are planning to fill it with a hauntcade experience unlike any other!. Reserve your spot in the tournament now!
AMAZON! Did you know we have our own landing page at the site that is also a rainforest? You can stream almost all the movies we've made so far, and this will be the place we release all future movies first! At least for now... CLICK HERE TO SEE!
SHOVEL RELEASED! Our latest short film/music video which is one of our scariest has just been released and can be viewed in entirety for FREE at Amazon CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT
HORRORHOUSE FEST 2018 Early-Bird Tickets! Spooky Pinball, Pinside & Bloodshed Deathbath have come together for the Hauntcade of your life! Join us at Hyperspace for the 2018 Horrorhouse Fest Pinball Tournament of Death! You could win a full size arcade machine just for entering!!! PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW AS THEY WILL SELL OUT!
HORRORHOUSE FEST 2018 is coming! Get ready for the next installment of the only known haunted house with a pinball tournament in it. This time we'll be partnering up one of the coolest places in the city. Where do ya say?! Well, you'll find out soon enough...
HORRORHOUSE FEST 2017 Limited Edition Pre-Sale Tickets are available as of today! Get your guaranteed entrance to this years one night only haunted house pinball tournament now! https://horrorhousefest2017.eventbrite.com
HORRORHOUSE FEST PINBALL TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 2017 has taken a step up this year as it's our 5th anniversary!!! Pinside.com is a core sponsor and we couldn't be happier! We promise this one to be the best Hauntcade yet, with games and rooms that are gonna knock your socks off of your feet and onto your hands!!! It's taking place once again at VISION COMICS AND ODDITIES on Saturday, November11th! Stay tuned for more details and make sure to check the FB page for up to the minute announcements!
HORRORHOUSE FEST PINBALL TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 2016 is now in it's fourth season and this year it's gonna be ALL AGES! But don't you fret, this doesn't mean it's gonna be less scary, or less weird. Prizes are gonna be extreme, and the final room of the adventure will surprise even the craziest of souls. It's taking place at VISION COMICS AND ODDITIES on Saturday, November12th! Stay tuned for more details and make sure to check the FB page for up to the minute announcements!
BLOODSHED DEATHBATH ARCADE, was once a dream, and is now a reality! It's actually an arcade split between 3 venues. One being a super haunted house in Barnum, CO, and the other two in Denver, both ready for your quarters. Make sure to visit MUTINY INFORMATION CAFE and VISION COMICS AND ODDITIES to see what games we have ready for you!
HORRORHOUSE FEST PINBALL TOURNAMENT OF DEATH 2015 is coming oh so very soon! A haunted house with a pinball tournament in it, all taking place on Saturday, November 11th at 3 Kings Tavern. We will have many prizes, including cashola, and we can guarantee it will be the weirdest night of your life!! You can buy tickets now to make sure you don't miss out on the action and intense vibes! PURCHASE YOUR TIX HERE!
DENVER COMIC-CON 2015 is our next public appearance! We will have uber limited edition copies of "Night Mutilator" as well as our new movie "Dracjulio", which many are saying is the best Bloodshed Deathbath flick yet! Stop by booth 423 and say something weird to us and bring $5 to pick up a copy!!
The HORRORHOUSE FEST 2014 PINBALL TOURNAMENT was more than amazing! We are compiling a video of the whole fiasco, but for sure wanted you to see the stills! Can't wait for the next one!! CLICK HERE FOR PICS
The HORRORHOUSE FEST 2014 PINBALL TOURNAMENT is only a few days away! Wanna know the details? Including what the prizes will be??. CLICK HERE!!
Did you stop by the Bloodshed Deathbooth and tryout at Zombie Zone? Well we will be posting the winners on Tuesday, October 28th, so check back to see if it was you!!
The HORRORHOUSE FEST 2014 PINBALL TOURNAMENT details & rules are now posted!!! We are gearing up to bring you a night that will weird you out for days. CLICK HERE!!
MILE HIGH HORROR FILM FESTIVAL hosted Bloodshed Deathbath and even screened the trailer for Motel London II. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS!!
HORRORHOUSE FEST 2014 details will be posted soon. This night will be the next step in our haunted house series of live attractions, this time the haunted house having a PINBALL TOURNAMENT within! Stay tuned!
The new site is live! Aren't you scared? Well, for those of you who are freaking out, no fear, the DVD's will be for sale before you know it. But they will be uber mega limited, so you better get them while you can!
Bloodshed Deathbath made the scariest, longest and most outrageous haunted house ever at this years Denver Comic-Con and we have proof. We will be sharing a video of all the magic before summer is over so you can relive your worst nightmares over and over again.